Unreliable Heating & Cooling

Looking back on our first unofficial date to the Peninsula, I can pinpoint the exact moment that I realised I was in love with him too. It was a hot day, just like I had predicted and we had been out of his freshly air-conditioned car for about an hour. He had been surfing for almost the entire hour we had been there and I was lying on the beach listening to music because I’m semi-afraid of swimming in the ocean. I like spending time in the shallow water and just relaxing, but out there in the big waves, I get understandably uncomfortable. My boyfriend is athletic and fearless, so of course, surfing in extreme conditions was no concern for him. 

I was getting so hot on the sand by myself that I was longing for air conditioning. Melbourne was sweltering that day and I was absolutely baking lying in the sun. And then the now-love-of-my-life came running over and shook his wetsuit all over me because he said I was looking hot. I still wonder today whether that had a double meaning. I pretended to be shocked and giggled, but I was actually so thankful that he had thought about me and noticed things about me. My heart fluttered.

We went into the water together after that and swam in the shallows. He was the perfect mix of playful and relaxed. He would randomly splash me which once again I pretended to be shocked by, and then just close his eyes and float on his back in silence. I couldn’t help but feel a tender spot in my heart for him once again. 

I remember all these little moments. The ones that lead up to the moment that I couldn’t deny my feelings for him any longer. But before I continue, funnily enough, I need to actually service my heating and cooling. Melbourne is entering that awkward period where it’s freezing and night and too warm during the day. I’m uncomfortably cold right now so I need to fix my heater as soon as possible.