Who We Are

Netload is a collective of people who love to fish and are concerned about the depletion of fish populations worldwide. Our oceans are a finite resource, and it’s time the fishing community stepped up and demanded action on overfishing.

What We Do

We aim to:

  • Raise awareness in the recreational fishing community, as well as the general public, about the decline of fish stocks due to issues in the management of fishing worldwide
  • Share skills and information on best-practice recreational fishing techniques for minimal impact on marine environments
  • Campaign for better policy relating to the commercial fishing industry
  • Circulate information and sightings of malpractice to hold companies and individuals accountable for their actions.

How We Operate

We operate on an in-person basis, with bi-monthly meetings held in private venues at a number of locations throughout Australia. Members are invited to raise topics of interest ahead of these meetings for discussion by those in attendance.

Netload is a volunteer-run organisation that relies on annual membership fees for its continued operation. Members are also required to purchase tickets to meetings, which are inclusive of a sustainable seafood dining experience. We do offer a number of membership at no charge each year to individuals showing strong resonance with the group’s aims.

Members include recreational fishers, boaters, marine sportspeople, industry professionals, marine scientists and researches, residents of coastal regions and other interested members of the public. If you’d like to be involved and support our work, please contact us for information.

Upcoming Meetings

Melbourne: third Friday of even calendar months

Sydney: last Friday of even calendar months

Hobart: first Saturday of odd calendar months

Perth: second Saturday of odd calendar months