Summer Air Conditioning

Summer is my favourite time of year. I love hosting day parties in summer and I’m known for the elite events that I throw. I have a pool and so the majority of time we’re outside swimming and partying, but for the moments that people want to be inside, I like to have an air conditioning that works. Being a good host means accommodating for everyone, and I pride myself on delivering the whole package.

So you can imagine my stress last weekend when it’s Saturday morning and I went to turn on my air conditioning to cool down the house, and it didn’t work. I instantly knew that I needed to get it repaired, but it was a Saturday morning. That’s fair enough – nobody in their right mind was going to want to come out on their day off and do air conditioning repairs for Canberra party people. By and large, this is a sleepy city and we value work-life balance here, so I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to take on the job. Miraculously, I found someone to come out and fix my aircon that day.

Everything was fixed by 4pm and the party started at 6pm, so it was seriously perfect timing. I was so grateful to the aircon repairman that I legit invited him to my party. He chuckled and said he was busy, but thanked me for the offer. I stood by it. If he decided at 10pm that he wanted to rock up with a group of mates, it would’ve been fine with me.

Funnily enough, a lot of people were inside that night. They were all grouped around the aircon, just relaxing and hanging out. I was so thankful in that moment for having a working air conditioning system. Canberra is warm in summer, and I intend to throw many more parties over the silly season. Hopefully there’s no more dramas with my aircon, because I like to be as best a host as I can.