Mechanic Design Supremacy

Ugh Olivia.

We should just call her ‘Ugh-Livia’, because that’s the general tone of voice you take when saying her name anyway. Like, who does she actually think she is, going out with Brad on Australia Day when she already knew that Charlotte had begun her four-month plan to win his heart on that very day?? Now Charlotte’s plan was meant to come to fruition, and he’s still hung up on Ugh-Livia, thus stalling Charlotte’s plan at phase three: make eye contact. I mean, who does that?

Olivia, that’s who. She thinks she can have anything she wants after winning that competition to design signage for auto repair shops open in Malvern. She used her grain of design talent and won the competition, but a great thing was lost in the process: humility. Also, respect. As in, my respect, for Olivia. 

She doesn’t even like cars, whereas I have a passing interest in the auto service industry and thus my passion allowed me to create an incredible design, if I do say so myself. It was two cars, holding wheels (like humans would hold hands) and skipping into the sunset with a mechanic on their shoulders like a small child. It was supposed to represent the almost familial bond that exists between car service professional and automotive vehicle. It was beautiful, heartfelt, and they went and chose Olivia’s far more simple design over mine. It was boring, is what I’m saying.

Imagine if every single mechanic near Malvern East was displaying my design! I’d be, like, basically famous. But instead, Olivia gets all the boys and walks around like she owns the place because she won one competition, and it’s just not on. Not on at all, Ugh-Livia. Brad is only into you because you won that design competition. The high will fade, and you will have nothing!