Heating and Cooling

So things are bad, very bad. It’s now the first official day of winter and I have already turned my heater on for 80 of the last 90ish days of autumn. I feel terrible that I’m single-handedly contributing to the climate emergency that we’re living in. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. I think heaters are great and super necessary for the health and wellbeing of society, but they really shouldn’t be turned on when it’s not winter. That rule used to be easy for me to follow, especially because Sydney is known for having a relatively mild climate, but now it’s following a Melbourne-like weather pattern and I can’t survive without putting my heater on. 

Everyone that cares about the planet knows that turning on your ducted gas heating in Sydney before June 1st is a cardinal sin. I think the majority of us might be moving the goalposts on this one though. We are all a part of a climate change awareness campaign and are activists in our community, and we’ve been chatting about what we can do to make up for us using our heaters more often this year. 

We all agree that we need to be comfortable in our homes which means turning the heater on, but we also all agree that we need to make up for the emissions we’re responsible for. We’re going to be fundraising for a research campaign that helps stop the emissions of gasses. Otherwise, how else are we going to prevent the world’s drastic heating and cooling? Sydney is only one of the hundreds of places in the world experiencing climate change, so if we can help develop something that helps combat it, we definitely need to.  

I just want what’s best for the planet. It’s hard for me to accept that I’m contributing to its demise, but I promise I am trying my hardest to help fix it.