Driving Lessons Suck

I hate driving lessons. Every day after school my driving instructor makes me go for a drive. I mean, how many times have I practiced my three point turns or reverse parallel parks? I know exactly what I’m doing, it’s just dumb that I have to keep wasting my time doing all this practice when I know for a fact that I’m going to pass my test. Why do I have to bother practicing anymore? It’s like he has nothing better to do. I definitely have better stuff to do, like go on my computer or hang out with my friends. But no, I have to spend all evening every evening with him driving around in circles.

Don’t even get me started about the time when I was driving and his car needed an unexpected car service. Midland is a pretty big suburb (and I’ve driven every inch of it), but I was hoping that he’d let me go home instead of going with him to get the car service. But no. He wanted me to drive to the mechanic and then organise everything to do with his service. It wasn’t even my car! Why would that be my responsibility? So then I had to hang around and wait while he got his car serviced, and I didn’t even get to go home and watch the finale of my favourite show. My driving instructor just sucks.

I’ve told my parents so many times that I don’t need lessons anymore, but they just don’t believe me. I think my driving instructor might be telling them that I need more practice so that he makes more money and has someone to take with him when he needs an auto suspension repair in the Midland area.

It’s safe to say that I am counting the days until my driving test. My driving test is in 103 days to be exact. Just 103 more nights of practicing to drive (even though I obviously know how to).