Car Fixes

Is there anything better than your car, fresh after a service? The way it seems to glide across the road, the ease of the accelerator, the way that petrol just seems to somehow stay in the tank a little longer? I’d get my car serviced every day if I could. I go to this great car service shop in Northcote, where they fix it up real good. I think I might be getting hooked on services, actually. At least it’s cheaper than some of the other stuff I could be getting addicted to.

Last week I brought my car into the shop for repairs, even though nothing was broken, and they actually turned me away! Immediately I got thinking, well, I’ll just have to find another shop for car repairs, one that will entertain me. I’ll pay, even if they don’t do anything major! The other place thought I was joking and trying to waste their time. As if I would ever take something so serious as repairs and service lightheartedly! I don’t know if I’ve ever been more offended.

My friend suggested that I learn how to fix and service my own car, but I don’t think it would feel the same, you know? It’s like how food always tastes better when someone else does it for you. Even if my scrambled eggs are exactly the same as my wife’s, I think the effort just takes some of the magic away from it.

Maybe he has a point, though. It would certainly save me a lot of money, and I’d be able to spend more time with my car. Wouldn’t it be hard to learn, though? But I suppose you can learn anything on Me-Video these days. I should look up some tutorials. It would be a good skill to have, even if I still took it to a mechanic from time to time. After all, I know how to cook, even if the food tastes better when somebody else does it.