Air Conditioning Drama

I can’t believe my tenant. She’s taking me to court. I don’t know who her lawyer is, so I don’t know whether her lawyer is some equally crazy friend of hers, but there is no way that she’s winning this court case. I have the contract, I have the photos and I have the money, and she has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she hasn’t broken a single rule in the contract. I’m no lawyer myself, but I think she lost her bond the moment she took all the doors off the hinges. I guess we’ll see.

The court case is tomorrow and my lawyer and I have put in a decent amount of work to refute all her claims. Based on her weird phone calls in the middle of the night, we’ve put an emphasis on the fact that she is not losing her bond because of the air conditioning. In Melbourne the weather is crazy, I understand that and I’m not going to begrudge her for getting a new aircon. I am going to begrudge her for flipping all the furniture, however.

I wonder what she’s doing with her lawyer right now. Are they off with the fairies coming up with some ‘foolproof’ plan to make me give her the bond back? I honestly hope so because that will make me look even better to the judge. We’ve presented a well researched and truthful argument, and it will be better than anything she manages to come up with. 

My lawyer and I were actually laughing at one of the messages she left on my voicemail. She was muttering the words ‘heating and cooling in Melbourne over and over as if she was in some sort of trance. I wonder if she even sleeps seeing as she’s called me at such strange times. I bet you she was in one of her trances when she destroyed my house.