Window Tinting Work

Everything was going according to plan. Toby had successfully convinced the council of wizards to rent a floor in the tallest building in Melbourne’s CBD. Next, he had installed the cubicles under the guise that they were in the case of a Medusa-related attack.

The printer and faxing machine had been a hard sell. However, with the help of a presentation, he was able to convince them all that they were great for trading spellbooks quickly. Toby’s grand plan to bring the wizards closer to the 21st century, and in turn help him perform his second job during council meetings, was going perfectly.

The only thing he needed now was a quiet space to perform his job. Whilst a cubical was great, it didn’t provide the amount of privacy he was comfortable with. He had to convince them to book another office renovation. This time, though, for a company that did professional office tinting near Melbourne.

The implantation of a commercial office tinting solution could allow him to better hide his nefarious human job. The wizards were still convinced that he was a full-fledged wizard. Playing the part was fun, but it didn’t pay the rent. It wasn’t like Toby could summon a bag of cash like a real sorcerer could. 

That’s what landed him at the centre of the council’s attention at their next meeting. “Just imagine – decorative window glass frosted over every meeting room in the office.” Toby gestured around wildly, drawing their attention to the windows. “We can get custom-printed window frosting.”

He pointed toward one of the wizards, an elemental called Ray. 

“Ray, you could finally cast your light spells without blinding the whole council,” he said, before turning his attention to a wizard at the back. “And Gertrude, you could perform your afternoon sacrifice without Mary throwing up.”

The wizards murmured amongst each other. Toby didn’t enjoy the amount of unconvinced looks he saw in the crowd. “Guys, this is a golden opportunity. We could get dragon-shaped window decorations,” he tried desperately, only for it to fall on deaf ears.