Under The Sea?

We might not be moving under the ocean, but it sure does look like more people want to move onto it. Or at least, the folks who control the programming really think we should. Echolocation was the first ‘big’ one, of course, but then we got Escape to the Ocean and Sails of Our Lives. Now every single popular show seems to be getting a special ‘ocean episode’. Maybe this is an enviro-friendly thing? I just don’t know.

The Great Australian Trade-Off had its boating episode recently, and I have to admit that it was a scorcher; just what season three needed to spice up the very beginning. The best challenge was the challenge where they had to buy custom snapper racks. Melbourne has so many marine fabricators, it was actually harder than it sounds, without being gimmicky. And who knew that marine welding was going to be so entertaining to watch?

Maureen was already falling to pieces because of her thalassophobia (that she didn’t mention to the producers, so they had no idea until the boat had already left the dock), and on top of that, it turned out that she had a fear of fire as well, so using a blowtorch for one of the challenges made her look like she was about to have kittens. I’m surprised that she got as far as she did, surrounded on all sides by deep water and holding an active welding torch in her hand.

I don’t think a future career in marine welding is really ‘for’ her, though. Something about how she flung the torch into the air (narrowly missing her teammate Yuuki) and barricaded herself in the engine room while weeping uncontrollably gave the game away. Poor woman.

Anyway, well done Anat for being crowned Star Tradie this week! He took to marine welding like he’d been doing it his whole life. Is fishing a big deal in his native Thailand, I wonder? Questions for later. He welded those stainless steel fishing rod holders like a natural, winning the day for his team and making sure they were safe from elimination.

Knowing the influence this show has, I’m expecting that people will be fishing in droves this weekend.