To Make a Buck

Wow, turns out that reading a bunch of financial books really does make a person richer. It’s only by like twenty dollars at this stage, but I’m planning to turn that twenty dollars into something much bigger, like a hundred dollars. Two-hundred dollars. I am shooting for the moon.

I was reading Super-Rich: The Regina Cash-Baggs Story, and she says that she owes all her success to stock trading. Richard Squillons said the same thing in Memoirs of a Guy With More Money Than You, but then, Goldie Banksworth was all about the property market in Rags to Riches: How You Can Invest in Property Today (if you have rich parents).

‘All I had as a young college student were my wits, my innate business acumen, and two-billion dollars in the bank from father, who said that I was only allowed to touch that money if I was using it to build my property portfolio.’

Goldie swears by buyers advocates, especially for people who are only just starting on their home-buying journey, but also, everyone.

Oh, I wouldn’t dream of buying a home without property advocates by my side. Wonderful people, and they always have oranges in their reception area, and I love oranges SO much that I bought an entire plantation in Brazil. Now I’m the biggest supplier of oranges to buyers advocate receptions in Melbourne.’

Unfortunately, as much as I admire Goldie’s tenacity through her struggles, if I want to get to the property portfolio level, Melbourne property advocates by my side, I need some capital already.

And that, my friends, is how I gained twenty whole dollars. Placed it into the stock market machine, and that was what was spat out. Clearly I have a flair for this, and I should be considering the title of my biography this very day.

It Started With a Twenty, and Ended With Private Ibiza Celebrity Beach Parties.

-Cletus Tinker