The Clearest Solution

You know how space is really cool and all that? Well, I couldn’t help but pick up the implication that construction on our rocket isn’t quite going quite as well as it could be. Something about there being no resources and all the science people we assigned to the job not knowing anything about science.

It’s not looking good for our glorious lunar kingdom. But I think I may have the solution. If this pans out I’m going to have an esteemed place in the Lunar King’s court for sure!

And the answer? Glass. The answer is making a rocket out of glass. Boom! Done.

It won’t be completely made of glass, of course. The aluminium window specialists Melbourne has to offer seem to think it’s important to start with a frame that holds the windows in place. That’s the same approach we’ll take with our rocket: aluminium frames (because aluminium is the strongest metal on Earth, as everyone knows) with glass in between. Think of the spectacle: a rocket blasting off and doing a victory lap of the planet as we all wave from inside. That’ll show them!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Glass is NOT the strongest substance on the planet, and might break if you jump on it too hard, and then you’ll fall right into space. No matter, because this is going to be really thick glass.

Imagine if you were getting some elegant timber window repairs, but you also kinda wanted to be safe from the bullet of a vengeful sniper. That’s how thick the rocket walls would be. Except replace the timber with aluminium, and make all the glass rocket-shaped.  I guess we’ll also be looking into aluminium door replacement companies, since we already started building ours out of timber. We’ll also need a ramp to walk down when we finally land on the moon and walk out to survey our new kingdom.

Our new Lunar Kingdom… where my glass know-how will make me the grand vizier.

I’m not crazy! You’re crazy!