The Biggest Project

Does anybody know where I can get some high-quality timber supplies? Actually, scrap that. I need to know where I can buy all the high-quality timber supplies. This is a big project. A massive project. One of the biggest projects there has ever been. I’d be surprised if there has ever been a bigger project than this one. It’s so big. Trust me, such a big project.

I’m telling you, this project of mine, it’s going to be world-changing. We’re in for a big few weeks. A massive few weeks. This project is going to blow you away. You won’t believe it. You’ll think, “Wow, it takes guts to do such a big project. He’s got some real guts to do this.” Trust me, that’s exactly what you’ll be saying. So if you know of a hardware store around Bentleigh with high-quality timber, make sure you tell me about it.

If you look at the numbers—and trust me, there are a lot of numbers—they say that this project is the biggest and the best. All those other people, all those people, they don’t have the guts I do. They don’t have the guts to do a project as big as this. Their guts are smaller than mine. People tell me I have the biggest guts out there. I’m willing to do things others aren’t, particularly when it comes to big projects like this. World-changing projects. That’s why I need all the timber building supplies Cheltenham has to offer. All of Melbourne, actually. Maybe even all the timber in the world.

I’ve heard that some people think this project is a waste of time and money, but let me tell you, it’s not. They are fake news. Absolutely fake news. I know what I am doing, and they don’t. You can’t trust them. They don’t know big projects like I do. I know the biggest projects. I’m the best.

– President Trumpet