Silent Bathtub Salesman

In desperate search of a peaceful respite from the chaotic noise of the city, Albert found himself walking into the solemnity of a public library. The calming smell of old books enveloped him as he ventured deeper into the rows of shelves, laden with works of ancient scholars and modern poets alike.

But alas, Albert was on a mission. Underneath his arm, he carried a portfolio of various bathtub remodel cost options for Sydney homes, determined to share the rejuvenating possibilities of a bathroom makeover in this sanctuary of knowledge and quiet contemplation.

With a hopeful heart, he approached a young woman immersed in a book, clearing his throat softly before speaking in a whisper, just loud enough to share the incredible options available for a bathtub remodel. The woman looked up, her annoyed gaze quickly scanning Albert and the brochures he presented. She shushed him, shaking her head and gesturing to the quiet sign nearby.

Albert retreated quietly, moving onto a group of students gathered around a table strewn with notes and textbooks. This time, he chose to pass out brochures silently, showcasing stunning before and after photos, highlighting the option of an easy-step bathtub conversion as a cost-effective and visually appealing solution.

But just as one student seemed genuinely interested, leafing through the portfolio with a curious expression, a  librarian approached Albert, her face stern and her finger pressing to her lips, signalling the sacred silence of the place.

Albert’s face turned a vibrant shade of red, embarrassment flooding him as he collected his brochures with apologetic nods, the whispers of disapproval following him as he moved away from the group, the librarian shadowing him, ensuring the peace was upheld.

His attempt at silent salesmanship soon caught the attention of more librarians, who converged, forming an impassable barrier of stern faces and crossed arms. With a heavy heart, he realised that his quest in the library had come to an end as he was firmly, yet silently, escorted towards the exit.

Outside the library, Albert couldn’t help but feel a touch of sadness as he walked away, the brochures clutched tightly to his chest. Yet amidst the silence, he had glimpsed interest, fueling the undying hope within him that somewhere in Sydney, there was someone longing for a bath transformation, silently awaiting his passionate pitch.