Self Renovation

Oh no. Oh dear, oh dear. I’ve made a huge mistake. I thought that I could renovate this bathroom on my own, but I was terribly mistaken. And the worst part? It’s not even my bathroom. It belongs to my brother, who is away for business. I promised to take care of his house for the next few months while he tours around America, and I thought it would be nice if he came home to an updated bathroom. I’m in way over my head.

Now I’m going to have to get some professionals to help me because the bathroom looks worse than ever. How much does bathroom renovation cost? This was supposed to be a secret project, so I’ll have to pay for it myself. I guess that’s what I get for trying to do this huge task on my own.

I had my brother’s best interest at heart. I really did. Wouldn’t it have been cool if he’d come home to see a fancy new bathroom, complete with beautiful white tiles and a chrome finish on all the taps and handles? But I don’t have any idea what I’m doing. How do you even remove the old taps? What even is chrome? I desperately need to get in contact with a bathroom renovations business near Melbourne. They’ll help me get it right.

This is just like the time I decided to renovate my partner’s living room while she was at the grocery store. I figured all I needed was a few hours! Turns out I vastly underestimated how much time it takes. When she got home to a ripped up carpet, she thought I’d gone mad. Maybe I had. And now, I thought I’d learned my lesson from that. With this bathroom I didn’t underestimate the time it would take. No, I underestimated my own abilities and knowledge of bathroom design. It’s a lot harder than it seems!