Rundown Bathrooms

I just got engaged to the love of my life. We’ve also found out that we’re having a baby, which is so exciting! We’re pretty young, I’m twenty-three years old and he’s twenty-five, but we know that this is what we want. We both currently live at home which is pretty normal for people our age, but seeing as we’re now engaged and expecting, we’re going to buy a house!

We want to raise our little baby in a stable home environment, which means having a house for our baby to grow up in. We’ve been looking for houses that have already been built, but I’ve noticed that many of the houses in our price range require bathroom renovations. Melbourne is an expensive city to buy in, and being young we don’t have hundreds of thousands in extra cash… but I really want a nice bathroom. 

The bathroom I feel can make or break a house. Guests always need to use the bathroom and a bathroom that is run down can feel dirty and be unappealing for the person using it. I want my guests to feel comfortable when in my house. I also want to feel comfortable when using the bathroom. I really enjoy my alone time when showering and getting ready for the day, and I’d prefer not to need a leaking shower repair every couple of months because our bathroom is rundown.

I’ve spoken to my fiance and he agrees that we should spend extra money to make sure the bathroom is in a good condition. He agrees that it will be too expensive to have to pay for bathroom renovations down the track, so we should bite the bullet and spend more now.

I love this man so much. I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with him and bring up our child in a happy and loving environment… and in a nice bathroom!