Principal Principles

Being a school principal is getting harder and harder these days. We’re living in a world of sentient cars and superheroes. A few years ago, you could guide students toward the safe and happy future of law degrees and TAFE courses. These days every Sarah, Billy and Jackson wants to go to the Superhero Training Academy or join the protests for Autocracy. Poor impressionable children.

Of course, their parents are behind the times and expect the very best university education for their children. And who is it that gets to explain that Ryan wants to go to the STA and become Super Jump Man? It’s me. Never mind the fact that career coaching for students is harder than ever. The other day Riley asked me how she could become a famous video streamer and I didn’t know how to answer her. I know that it can pass as a real job these days but how do I give advice for that?

Is smashing glass a legitimate career option? I don’t know anymore, which is why I definitely need some help. As a school, we’ve been looking into hiring a career counsellor who works around Melbourne to help us during these changing times. Hopefully, they would know a bit more about the current landscape and be able to provide better advice than I can.

Things are changing so quickly that I don’t really know what to think of it. Curse you, internet, for making the world so complicated. Back in my day you went to school, found a class that you liked and worked toward a simple career in education or finance. Sure, I’d always wanted to go and become a professional card dealer at a casino, but I knew that was never a true possibility. These days kids see their favourite social media influencer and decide that they’re going to take photos with different shoe brands for money. It’s just crazy.