Power and Cravings

There’s always room for more, it would seem. More cake, more chocolate, and more of those pesto salads that drive me utterly wild. Those pesto salads are just…ugh, I need one right now. That delicious pesto salad. I must have one!

Okay, so I’ve now eaten a pesto salad and I can think clearly to say this: I need to stop eating so much bad food. And it’s all the fault of the electricians, for not coming to my house, even though I did not call them.

Look, I don’t actually know how commercial electricians work. Or residential ones, for that matter! I’m new in my bachelor pad, and electricity is a strange thing. It happens behind the walls, so I leave it alone, and the electricity company sends me a bill every now and then. But there was a time when my electricity was cut off because of…a storm, maybe? Someone spilling coffee on a console? Anyway, I had nothing for a week, so I just came home every day after work, lit some candles and watched Me-Straw videos on my phone with some takeaway food. Sometimes I got some chocolate or some other form of dessert, to cheer myself up for having no electricity.

In a week, all of my routine and healthy eating was at an end. I was addicted to the good things in life, that are also the bad things, and if my electricity had been running, then it never would have happened.

I sort of had this idea of electricians all being together in a big control room with lots of computers, like they have at NASA, and then they see someone’s electricity go out in sector 7-B, quadrant delta. They confirm that Cheltenham electricians have jurisdiction in that area, so they send them out with an letter than explodes after you read it.

Apparently not; you have to call them in, or something. Well, that might have been nice to know before I became a junk food addict.