Perfectly Organised Space

I was always an organised child. The most organised child, in fact. I remember taking the onions out of the cupboard and organising them based on how healthy they looked. They then went back into the back, from most healthy to least healthy (those ones with the white things sprouting out of them). The onions are where it started, but after that, I couldn’t stand so much as a single sock being out of place in my room.

Now, I’m sitting here in this office with my flawlessly-arranged desk- everything in its most optimal place for work efficiency- and wondering how I can ‘organise’ my boss into getting some quality office design. Melbourne has a reputation to uphold after all. A little piece of my soul is chipped away every single day I have to work here, and I simply cannot abide it. The desks are sub-optimal, to the extreme. The wall colouring is poorly thought out. The carpet is thick, old and thus more likely to hold germs, cause the spread of illness and thus lower productivity. I’m not a productivity monster, don’t get me wrong. I just think that it contributes to the overall organisation; cogs that are missing from a machine because they have the sniffles are liable to cause the machine to break down.

One major area of improvement to be made is our single meeting room. Any concurrent meetings have to be moved to the cafe across the street, which is both inefficient AND unprofessional. This needs to be changed as soon as humanly possible. Explaining to clients why we’re having a meeting in a noisy cafe is not something I like having to do. I’ve seen offices effectively partition their space to allow for intimate meeting areas that don’t feel cramped. I’ve researched office design…I know these things. Office fitouts in Melbourne exist for the purpose of making work more efficient and pleasant. This is an investment. An investment in the organisation…and my own, personal sense of organisation.