Partying Ways

I always wanted to be party stylist, but everybody told me I had so much more potential than that. Being an impressionable youngster, I let that dream fall the wayside, instead applying myself to becoming a corporate lawyer. 30 years on, I’ve decided it’s time to take back my power around my calling in life. It’s time to admit to myself that law has never sparked joy for me – at least, not in the way that party styling always has. 

My mother, in particular, is going to be disappointed. She didn’t have the opportunity to go to uni, so she always hoped I’d aspire to taking full advantage of my opportunities. I’ve done exactly that, though, and look where it’s got me – aged 45 and faced with the prospect of changing careers. Melbourne, fortunately, is not a bad city to be doing this in, and arguably my corporate law connections could see me well placed to kick of my party styling career with a bang. 

They know how to party, corporate lawyers do, and so do their clients. Trust me; I know from experience. Even better, there’s plenty of money in the air to throw at lavish shindigs that can serve as tax write offs, so all the better for those in the events industry. That said, making this transition successfully probably won’t be a walk in the park. I’ve been wondering if I should hire a career consultant. Within Melbourne, people must do things like this with some regularity, so I would expect there’d be people specialising in that type of thing. 

Any recommendations on how to go about this? If not, I’ll figure it out… I mean, it can’t be more difficult than getting qualified in law, right? I’m pretty sure I don’t need any qualifications at all for this – just my natural flair and networking capabilities, combined with some logistical nous and troubleshooting know-how. Bring on the suspended floral arrangements, walk-in fountains and black-lit photo booths.