Melbourne Freezes Wedding

I absolutely can’t believe this has happened to me. This was not supposed to happen to me. Of all the brides I had ever known, I had been the most thorough and controlled. Nothing had been left too late or had gone over budget. When they called to tell me the gas heating was broken I almost lost it. The venue had been booked for months and it was far too late to change it. I went crazy looking into repairs for gas heating in Melbourne but they firmly told me they had to cancel the wedding. The whole heating system had broken and it would take two weeks to repair at the least. The wedding was in 10 days at that point. After about twenty four hours of hysteria we started to rationally consider if a non heated wedding was an option. I mean, sure, Adelaide gets cold in the winter but it’s hardly Siberia! Surely people could manage. I would be running on nerves so probably wouldn’t even notice the low temperature.

My husband to be called back the venue and told them we didn’t care about the heating we will still go ahead. After arguing with them for about twenty minutes he came to me defeated. They simply couldn’t allow the wedding to go ahead because the room could reach temperatures below zero and it posed a health risk they were not liable for. This was around about when I entered the second phase of total panic and starting screaming for heating repairs. Melbourne has always had unpredictable weather, which is why they should have been prepared for every eventuality. My calming husband tried to comfort me and came up with a list of great alternative ideas, bless him. We managed to wrangle everything last minute and get it all moved to his parents countryside house. It had fully functioning heating and a pretty large barn that could house all our guests!