Icy wedding reception

Catastrophe has struck. Something unbelievably simple that you usually wouldn’t even think to double check because you would assume that is extremely obvious and nearly impossible not to have up and working has gone wrong. More accurately, it’s broken. I just got off the phone with the manager of the restaurant where I’m having my wedding reception, and she just “reminded” me that the venue doesn’t have any gas heating. Canberra during Winter is ridiculously cold so this is simply not an option. Is she even serious?

We’re getting married in July, in the middle of the Australian winter. The wedding is in Canberra where it gets cold as an icebox on an almost daily basis. Without a doubt you need to have central heating. It’s basically non-negotiable. Everyone has a working air con. I wouldn’t have even thought to ask them months ago when we were working through all the details because I would have just assumed. As it turns out though, clearly, you can’t trust anyone. I swear, sometimes it feels like every single person on this planet is out to get me.

As soon as the manager, an otherwise sweet lady, let that truth sink in, I tried to desperately ask her if there was anything they could do. I started to rant about paying for a central heating service in Canberra out of my own pocket. As it turns out, a friend of Sandra’s knows a heating repair company, so we could easily get it done last minute. However, as she ever so carefully explained, the venue didn’t actually have a unit to repair. They just didn’t have central heating at all. Unbelievable.

I guess I don’t really have a choice. We could always look for another location, I suppose, but it would be extremely late notice. I guess we should just send a memo out to all our guests asking them to dress heavy and be prepared. There’s not much more we can realistically do at this point. What a disaster.