Commercial Painting


I’ve just purchased a basketball stadium! Random, right? I recently came into a large sum of money that I didn’t know what to do with, and I saw the stadium was up for sale. I thought why not and put in an offer. Apparently, it was the highest offer by far and it was accepted on the spot. It was under what I could afford, and so I now have plenty of money left over to spend however I choose.

So what should I spend it on? I’m thinking of maybe hiring a commercial painter close to Melbourne to come and paint the stadium. It would be good to show everyone that it’s under new ownership and that I’m the boss. I’d get the commercial painter to paint the building my favourite colours – green and black. Not the best colour combination, I know, but they’re the colours of the best basketball team in the world. I want everyone who plays at my stadium to be loyal to the team. 

Most of the time players have to pay fees to the stadium to keep it up and running. I might instead tell them not to pay the fees (because I can easily afford to cover the maintenance costs and bills myself), but instead buy a membership to the best club in Melbourne. 

I think when I get the commercial painter to come in and do all the professional painting, I’ll also hire someone who does professional plaster repair services to come and fix the walls. The old owners weren’t great at looking after the building, presumably because they were broke, and so I want to fix it up really well before the next basketball season starts.

I’m going to be known as the guy who single-handedly saved basketball in one of Melbourne’s most elite suburbs, and it barely cost me a dime. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished paintwork that the painter does. If it’s good I’ll give them a very nice tip.