Car Learning

Now I can say for sure that I’m definitely not regretting my night course. The name put me off a little bit at first, but I got it as a present from my parents, so I gave it a go. I packed my notebook, just like I did back in my uni days, and I went along to city hall for my first lesson in ‘The Course for People Who Don’t Know Basic Stuff’.

I think it’s some sort of black humour, but I totally get it. I don’t know anything. It’s a mystery for the ages. Anyway, our first lesson was advanced shoe tying, which was taught by our main instructor because ‘it was so basic, even you idiots should get it’. Oh, he’s a hoot! The latest was all about car maintenance, and we had a guest; a local mechanic. Ringwood has many excellent car repair specialists and we were lucky enough to get one in. 

Now, I’d always assumed that cars just ran themselves, like some sort of perpetual motion machine, but no! You need to fill them up with petrol, and when they get sick, you take them to a mechanic. A mechanic is like a car doctor. No one said that; I came up with it all by myself, because I can do things. I’m not a total dunce.

Anyway, the guy started talking about brake pad replacement (I have that phrase written in my notebook and circled a bunch of times) but our instructor tapped him on the shoulder and said that was a little top advanced for ‘these morons’, so we looked at a few simpler things. There’s actually a button to make the bonnet open up, which is super cool. Can’t remember where it is, but it’s definitely there. After that, we learned all about that noise the car makes, which is apparently the engine noise and does not mean the car is about to explode.

Such a topic! And there are people who do all sorts around RIngwood. Brake pad replacement, opening the bonnet, assuring people of normal engine noises…probably more, maybe! I’m learning a lot.