Briella’s Broadcast Bites

I am READY to face the world again, darlings. People might not have appreciated my hard-hitting, honest journalism, but I can guarantee that my audience is still out there. They’re just…confused. They’ve let positivity seep into their brains, and they need healing with sass and straight-talk.

I just need an angle to get my new television show off the ground. Channel 79 has said that they’re interested, but I need hot story. The masked, cloaked vigilante beating up bad guys and swooshing off into the night? No…bad guys getting what they deserve is too positive. Cheltenham podiatry services expanding their expertise into all types of foot fungus? I’m not crazy about the idea. I’m not so great with feet myself, and I can’t go to Channel 79 and tell them that I have a hot story about fungus. This is going to be the grand debut of Briella’s Broadcast Bites. My adoring public are going to see my face in motion for the very first time, and the words coming out of that face are not going to be “Hello everyone, let’s talk about Achilles heel, corns and calluses, sever’s disease and fungal nails! Keep watching for some hot pics!”

My television career would be over in thirty seconds, after they cut the footage and started airing reruns of Escape to the Ocean and I was thrown out of the studio.

Thing is, I have some super hot contacts in the podiatrist industry, and…okay, they’re the only contacts I have left. So I could go and film a podiatrist office, maybe get permission to get some footage of a session, but otherwise I can’t get in anywhere. Maybe I shouldn’t have burned so many bridges after I got tossed out of my newspaper job, but I was angry at the whole world, so, what are ya gonna do except ring up all your media contacts and verbally abuse them?

There are podiatry angles, I’m sure of it. Children’s orthotics fitted in Cheltenham…paving the way for tomorrow’s athletes.

Ooh, people love sports, AND children!. This might just be my story!