Branding Through Video

I am someone who has always been fascinated by brands. I constantly find myself truly amazed by the impact branding can have on our psyche. Branding not only influences the way we think and feel about a product, it also helps to create an identity or personality for a brand. If the branding is unique, recognisable, and successfully targets the demographic, then you will have a brand with personality.

Once a brand has been established, it’s important to figure out the best ways to put that branding right in front of your audience. This is why marketing video production has become increasingly popular over the years. Video used to be something that we’d access from our homes when watching TV, but now it is more than that. Video is absolutely everywhere. At times, it is in places without us realising it. If you take a second to stop and think about where we absorb video, you’ll realise that video is even in our pockets. Gone are the days of needing to sit huddled in front of your TV to watch your favourite show or get targeted by your favourite ad. You will now be exposed to video, anytime and anywhere whether it is in a shop, at a bus station, down a city shopping strip or on your devices. Video exposure is key, but the key to that video leading to brand awareness and conversion is video retention.

Video retention can be achieved by using the best video production agency. Melbourne may have lots of places calling themselves a ‘video production agency’, but unfortunately there are many to watch out for. Just because someone is handy on a camera or has spent a few years editing the odd football video for their mates, it does not mean that they will produce quality.

With so much technology around us, there really is no excuse for poor-quality videos. Sure, you can go the mates rates option at times but what does that say about your brand? It says that you guys don’t care about quality, and no one will care for that.