Weird Energy

I never intended for this project to become corporate. I didn’t even see it as a commercial thing in the beginning. It was just me and George messing around with an idea for an app that we could use ourselves. Who knew there was a market for rainwater collection tracking? Evidently, our investors did, because here we are, about to sign on for a big deal of a deal.

This is going to mean hiring more people, moving into a bigger premises and creating a public face for our technology ‘brand’. In my view, the latter is just about making sure our operations are aligned with our values, which means running as efficiently as possible. I just hope that this acquisition doesn’t change the project into something that no longer reflects that.

The main guy involved has already tried to talk us out of our planned LED tube light installation. Thee space we’re looking at is in dire need of a lighting overhaul anyway, so why would we not go with LEDs? Environmental accountability aside, it would be financially ludicrous to opt for anything else, but this guy is sceptical of… well, the 21st century.

You’d think someone involved in the acquisition of rainwater tracking app might be a bit more open minded. I’m assuming that his role in the company is to keep things on the conservative side, because I honestly can’t see how else he fits into the picture. It’s a weird place, this corporate world. Dare I ask old mate for his input on commercial solar systems? I should probably wait until the ink has dried on the contract, all things considered. We need that money.

Do we, though? I mean, what if he blocks our plans to run a ship with strong green credentials, and we’re stuck in a contract with this dude? This is all pretty far out of my depth. I mean, I’m a hydroponic farmer with technological inclinations, not a wheeler and dealer.