Traffic Equals Drama

I’ve said this for years, and I will keep saying it in the years to come: Formula One would be much more exciting if the participants had to abide by traffic laws and drive around a regular road system. Like, why do they get the fast cars AND the infinite looping tracks that take up way too much space? I would happily sit down to watch a race through a city centre, F1 people in their ultra-fast cars, trying to abide by the speed limit and stopping at traffic lights, glaring at each other as they attempt to enter a roundabout safely and properly merge lanes while using their indicators appropriately.

I know loads of people well into car parking design, because car parking design is THE next big thing (you’ll all see in a few months) and we’ve talked about how awesome it would be if all F1 races ended with the people in the racing cars trying to navigate a car park, going up and down the ramps and then parking perfectly in a space. There’s a giant hummer on one side, and on the other is someone whose attitude towards parking lines is more of a casual one than someone trying to obey the rules. But it’s the only parking space available! If the F1 driver doesn’t complete a perfect reverse parking job, they’ll lose the race!

Then we get to watch this high-powered sports vehicle trying to back into a tiny space, the driver cursing in frustration as they almost glance the wing mirror of the bad parking job next to them and have to try again. There’s always the possibility that the bad parker will return to their car, and the two drivers will glare at each other for the inconvenience caused, and boom. We have used a normal road system and proper car parking design to create drama, humour and competition. Way better than driving around a winding track and making tons of noise. No traffic consultant would ever give the green light to that sort of setup.

And besides, my version is just more interesting. Saves space as well.