Tinting? Good Night.

I will admit that I’m the type who tends to be lulled to sleep by televisions. And movie screens. If it’s multimedia, then, just…whoompf. There go my eyelids, regardless of how engaging you think it is. It has to be the evening and I have to be relaxed, of course, but otherwise, movie nights with me are a total bust. My friends all had a big watching party for the finale of Fantasy, and that was a terrible idea. Evening, big screen, snacks, the comforting presence of comrades, and now I still don’t know how it ends.

Speaking of which, disaster stuck the other day since the boss thought that he’d get the best office glass tinting on the whole building, without telling anyone. I came into work and everything seemed just a little bit darker than usual. Most people said that it wasn’t huge difference, and that we could just switch on the lights during the winter months when it gets dark towards the end of the day.

Um…I don’t think you understand my struggle. I already struggle to stay awake at work near the end of the day in winter, so this will NOT help. And you know what extra-didn’t help? Pulling down the blinds at lunch and getting everyone to gather round the projector screen for a video recap of how we did at the Office Olympics. The office window tinting was already so strong that my body didn’t know what was happening, and that sealed the deal. Lunch, darkness, a screen…whoompf. No productivity after that. Honestly, I’m looking into places who have the highest quality commercial decorative window glass, because this has become the office of slumber.

Speaking of which, someone said that Fantasy ended with Kyrion the giant sitting upon the Aluminium Throne, accidentally squashing it because he’s so big, he and everyone have a good laugh about how silly the whole ‘war’ thing was and they all go out for ice-cream.

Sure, I can see that happening.