The Smiling Helper

Look, this is going to be an unpopular opinion, especially considering how much people have been enjoying the new office. Things are more relaxed now, really. I like the fact that we have vending machines that actually vend, the balustrading is nice, and I don’t dread meetings nearly as much.

But…well…Sandra has just gone from slightly kooky to outright weird.

There, I said it. New Sandra is better than the old one, but the new one smiles way too much, is way too helpful, and nothing feels genuine. It’s like she’s a space alien trying to be a human, but doing a bad job of it. Like, she’s just put on a mask and called herself ‘Earthling G. Woman’. Ha, imagine! I wonder what Guy Manny thinks, only having been hired yesterday?

So I mentioned to Lori at lunch that we were thinking of hiring a buyers advocate company. Melbourne and its property market keep getting more and more complex, and I just can’t keep up with all the changes, new properties being listed, or the rat-race of making offers. We’ve saved up quite a bit, so we’d like to bring in professionals.

Of course, Sandra heard us talking because she was in there making her cup of unusually-dark coffee (some really powerful blend…almost smells industrial). She came over with that smile and said that she’d be happy to help me out with finding a buyers advocate, because she has some great googling skills and a great head for analytics. Now, old Sandrine might have offered, but you could instantly tell she wanted you on-side for something. New Sandra just smiles and stares at you, so sweet and so empty. Always wanting to help, never needing anything in return. So knowledgeable about property advocates, all of a sudden.

So weird. I know when something is up…my sixth sense never lies. Tell you what, I will have a chat to Guy Manny, see what he thinks as a fresh face. He seems really nice.