Swanky Kicks

I need some new party shoes for the festive season. Should I go for the ice-blue platform sandals with sparkly block heels, the semi-tasteful red stilettos or the pointy-toed flats in gold snakeskin? 

I can just picture my podiatrist tut-tutting under her breath as I gleefully sift through the possibilities. But if I can’t sport ridiculous footwear at Christmas parties, then when can I? Besides, why else would I have a foot specialist? Clearly, I have her so that if my tootsie health goes awry, it can be professionally restored to full power. 

Sure, prevention is the best medicine for most common foot conditions, but you’ve got to draw the line somewhere when it comes to health maintenance. I drink the fermented green tea shots, take the expensive, sustainably sourced Norwegian fish oil capsules, do the weight-bearing exercise and use the Vipassana meditation apps. On top of all that, do I really have to wear sensible shoes?

In any case, I’ve managed to steer clear of any major hassles, experiencing just a few of the more common foot problems. Cheltenham, fortunately, is fully equipped with stockists of all the foot tapes, straps and supports you could ever want, so the occasional rolled ankle or ingrown toenail is nothing to kick up a stink about. 

It’s just life, isn’t it? Unless, of course, you’re willing to live life in well-fitted sneakers with good arch and ankle support. If that’s you, maybe foot and ankle maladies aren’t a regular part of your experience. Me? I’m the kind of person who thinks a party’s not worth attending if I have to remove my shoes at the door. The shoes maketh the party.

More the point, the party maketh the life. Ergo, if I can’t wear scintillating shoes, then life is not being lived. That’s why I’m willing to experience a bit of heel pain, a touch of ankle instability, or the odd broken toenail.