Solar, for the Future

I must admit, I never really thought much about solar energy, but Sandra is just full of good ideas nowadays. She was quick to point out how many offices and workplaces were jumping on the trend of solar energy. Why, even our rivals up north are taking advantage of Sydney commercial solar companies who can slice off their energy usage.

Now, I haven’t paid much attention to our rivals in quite some time, but that was mainly because we had our own, very serious problems here. Like…here in the office. With…well, I’m just going to say it: problems with Sandra. These wonderful ideas about investing in solar panels simply were not present a few weeks ago. It was awkward, often times deeply unpleasant, and Sandra didn’t know how to handle things. Then it became an even more volatile situation when we learned that her scientist ex-husband had gone missing after moving into the basement of an old mansion, so after that it was all very touch-and-go, emotionally. No one wants to be the one to accidentally broach the topic of your ex-husband going missing while conducting mad science in a secret underground lab; it’s just awkward. But things are looking a lot sunnier, and it’s not just because we’re getting solar panels fitted. Everyone is more content, things are running smoothly, clients seem happier, and we’re even in talks to send some folks to a commercial solar conference up in Brisbane. Of course the commercial solar providers in Brisbane would be on top of this, what with all of that sunlight.

And after that, we’ll be able to add ‘green office’ to our list of achievements, which is a cause near and dear to my heart. I suppose if anything bothers me, it’s all of this happening too fast. Sandra seemed to flip overnight, and sometimes she calls us ‘humans’ in meetings, which is…odd. But she always smiles widely afterwards. Maybe I’m missing an in-joke.