Gifted And Talented

Everyone’s good at something. I’d even go as far to say that everyone is gifted at something, be it creating artistic masterpieces, engineering world-changing systems, tying fancy knots, arranging a vase of flowers to perfection, or writing up a flawless legal document. In any case, it need not be something of conventionally high status to qualify. It could literally be anything that makes the world just a tiny bit easier for someone, somewhere, in some way.

For example, my special gift is sniffing out the best route to buying property. I don’t do it professionally or anything. I’m not a real estate agent – god no. I just happen to have a knack for advising friends and family on these matters. More specifically, I can tell a mile off if someone is a licensed property conveyancer. Near Brighton, there are a few likely looking suspects – people you’d think were in that profession, to look at them or even talk to them about what they do. But there’s only a handful who actually do the job.

What purpose does this serve? Well, it means people don’t have to waste valuable time looking for the right professional to organise their title transfers and vendors statements. To clarify, this talent for picking out conveyancers does not extend to being able to tell if they’re especially outstanding at what they do. That’s unfortunate, because that would really round out my gift. But hey – we can’t all do everything, can we?

That’s sort of my point, after all. Some people are born to be conveyancing and property settlement specialists, while others are blessed with an uncanny knack for identifying them at a glance. What would the world be if it weren’t for the diverse array of abilities we’ve been gifted with? It’d be a very boring place, that’s what, and not especially functional. It’d just be a homogenous mass of one kind of genius, and we’d be worse off for it.