Brotherly Behaviour

Julian is so full of it! I was already over it, but this is really the last straw. It’s one thing to go around denying any interest whatsoever in hair care, but it’s really taking it to new heights when you’re also sneaking into your sister’s bathroom to take her shampoo and styling wax when she’s out of the house.

How do I know he’s been doing this? Because I set up a security camera in my ensuite. I’ve suspected this behaviour for a long time now, having noticed the levels going down inexplicably on some of my expensive organic products, and now I’ve got the proof.

Julian’s the only one in the house who wouldn’t compute that the stuff cost me a week’s pay, or that you can only get it at David Jones. Hair stylists seem to swear by the stuff, so I’m willing to throw money at it – but not for the benefit of my brother, who publicly derides the whole thing at every opportunity.

Anyway… case closed. What do I do now? Do I confront him with the evidence, and force him to eat his words? Or do say nothing, and hold onto the footage for future ‘not quite blackmailing’ endeavours? Or I could turn it into a practical joke – like, replace the hair wax with white paint or something. It wouldn’t be that hard.

Here’s an idea. I could do the sisterly thing, and simply place a salon voucher under the wax lid. I happen to know the best Melbourne CBD hair salon for men like Julian, and this might finally make him listen to me about it. It would let him know that I’ve caught him in the act without calling him out about it too loudly.

He’d never go for it, though. I mean, he’d never go to the hairdresser. He has a serious problem with acknowledging his secret desire to look presentable.