#blessed (sort of)

It’s slowly dawning on me that there are some great misconceptions around home ownership. Among them is the idea that, once you own a place, you’re somehow set financially, never again at the mercy of real estate agents and their refusal to fix your mouldy bathroom.

Well, here’s some news: once you buy, that mouldy bathroom is officially your problem, and you’ll inevitably have to turn out your pockets for the dreaded bathroom renovations. Melbourne homeowners, you know how this goes: first, you have to find a company you trust to work with, and narrow down what it is that you actually want. You must then nut out if this is achievable within your budget, and ultimately face the fact that your income cannot support your aspirations.

It’s a fairly depressing process, to be perfectly honest. You tell people you’re looking at renovating, and they assume you’re reclining on a teal-coloured suede daybed, sipping an apple martini while flipping through a pile of home decor magazines for luxury bathtub and ceiling-mounted rain shower inspiration. Of course, the fact of the matter is that you’re working overtime to pay for your basic remodelling, due to the fact that your messy wash-shack is starting to become a health hazard.

It’s not all grim, I suppose. The great thing about working with bathroom designers is that you start to get a new perspective on the possibilities on offer for transforming your bottom-of-the-market hovel into the palace of your dreams. This process might be less than radical; for example, you can choose the shape, colour and texture of your bathroom tiles to reflect your own tastes, rather than those of some random in the 1970s.

In short, renovations are stressful and expensive, and part of me feels that it was easier when they just weren’t on the agenda, but there is still something to be said for them. It’s nice to have the prospect of a bit of autonomy over your space, and I guess that’s really the main draw-card of owning a house.